Bright Line Watch Survey Questions

Wave 1

1.   Elections are conducted, ballots counted, and winners determined without pervasive fraud or manipulation
2.  All adult citizens have equal opportunity to vote*
3.  Voter participation in elections is generally high
4.  Elections are free from foreign influence
5.  The geographic boundaries of electoral districts do not systematically advantage any particular political party
6.  All votes have equal impact on election outcomes
7.  Parties and candidates are not barred due to their political beliefs and ideologies
8.  All adult citizens enjoy the same legal and political rights*
9.  Government does not interfere with journalists or news organizations
10.  Government effectively prevents private actors from engaging in politically-motivated violence or intimidation
11.  Government protects individuals’ right to engage in unpopular speech or expression
12.  Government protects individuals’ right to engage in peaceful protest
13.  Government officials are legally sanctioned for misconduct
14.  Government officials do not use public office for private gain
15.  Government agencies are not used to monitor, attack, or punish political opponents
16.  Government leaders recognize the validity of bureaucratic or scientific consensus about matters of public policy
17.  Even when there are disagreements about ideology or policy, political leaders generally share a common understanding of relevant facts
18.  Executive authority cannot be expanded beyond constitutional limits
19.  The legislature is able to effectively limit executive power

* was “citizens” in Wave 1, “adult citizens” in Wave 2

Wave 2 – all of the Wave 1 statements, and in addition:

20.  The judiciary is able to effectively limit executive power
21.  The elected branches respect judicial independence
22.  In the elected branches, majorities act with restraint and reciprocity
23.  Elected officials seek compromise with political opponents
24.  Political competition occurs without criticism of opponents’ loyalty or patriotism
25.  Information about the sources of campaign funding is available to the public
26.  Public policy is not determined by large campaign contributions
27.  Citizens can make their opinions heard in open debate about policies that are under consideration
28.  Citizens have access to information about candidates that is relevant to how they would govern
29.  Law enforcement investigations of public officials or their associates are free from political influence or interference